It is simple. A video can give you much more experience than a photo.
The ceremony, the gestures, all the little details, the glances, the voices and the silence, the music, the jokes, the dance…every little thing will be recorded for the memory. We are the professional producers and you are the director!


In every story, in every life there is always a song, a sweet melody which has special meaning for us, for you. In Video Metro, We make it part of your film.Just send us the song in any format and the rest will be our job!

We can also provide you the possibility of collecting your favorite photos and pictures of your childhood, or the romantic photos of the couple. In Video Metro, We use them to make a nice and memorable video clip what you would be able to project at the same wedding banquet to all the invited family members, friends and naturally, it can be part of the video as well.


Our professional team arrives to the place before the arrival of the engaged couple making possible to record the coming of the first guests as well as the collection of various pictures and video footages of the place for posterior use.

Our professional and high quality filming equipment (microphones, lighting techniques) allows us to record videos, sound and pictures during the whole ceremony.

By the end of the ceremony, we wait for you outside for filming the leaving of the bride and bridegroom and all the felicitations.

During the wedding march we follow the steps of the young couple, making pictures, recording every little smile, every gesture…shooting a video clip as personal, as natural and as emotional as it could be.

Finally we follow you trough the wedding breakfast, filming every table so none of the guest or wedding presents will be forgotten.

After recording the dance of the honeymoon couple your wedding film ends by a romantic black and white video clip of the most impressive, most emotional, and most memorable moments of the day.


Finishing our job, we return you all the material you may have collected and trusted us (old photos, videos, etc...) with 3 copy of your wedding DVD in case and printed photo on the back side of the disc. Subsequently, according to customer’s claim, we can make more copies of our products.


Some couples wish to have an exclusive video about themselves before the wedding in order to project it for the guests at the ceremony. Believe us, your imagination is the limit: nice, personal messages on the big screen, a video clip, a short film… You have nothing to do but describe us your vision, your dreams and we guarantee the experience of a beautiful surprise and an unforgettable memory.